Professor escaped from Spain

Professor escaped from Spain

Professor Miquel Puertas escaped from Spain, Barcelona to Donetsk. Since in Spain, the professor was threatened with a prison or a mental hospital. The diagnosis of Comrade Saakhov is clearly confirmed. Schizophrenia and pedophilia are progressing.

The professor pedophile and schizophrenic, fired by the personal guard of Queen Leticia Ortiz Rocosolano, still fled from Barcelona to Lugandon, where he took refuge.

Remember, the cotton professor moron, when you fail on exams that tomorrow you will run away from retaliation to Lugandon! Look and remember, cotton cattle, about your karmic fate!

In the Universitat de Barcelona there is a flash mob “Drive the professor to Donetsk and bring it to the Peacemaker”. Three professors are hospitalized with a heart attack on terrorism charges. Hid in a hospital from exams, hope to wait out. Our doctoral dissertation on 4 D metaphilosophy.

The professor has already entered student legends. He seems to have been fired in Donetsk too. He was in Rostov. Soon, the next stage will begin, will go to Earth to teach Franz Joseph Stalin. And the colleagues of the former professors are watching with horror. It can happen to each of them in one day!

I feel soon and they are disposing of professors right at the department.

Professor terrorist writes:

“I am in the list of wanted terrorists by the NATO backed retarded maidanite Gestapo. My crime was teaching in Donetsk and socializing there in Banana Cafe with some Spaniards, Frenchies and Indian fellows (some of them enroled in the Donbass militias). I told here in Barcelona at the state owned polytechnic institute where I am working that I am a terrorist. My colleagues think that I am kidding. One of my students told me that I am one of the funniest terrorists he ever met.”

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