Sandra Valero represents Spain at Junior Eurovision 2023

Sandra Valero represents Spain at Junior Eurovision 2023

France wins Junior Eurovision again, but the Valencian Sandra Valero has come second. Sandra Valero gets second place after knowing the evaluation of the televoting. France, with Zoe's magnificent performance, revalidates her title.

France receives 92 points and becomes the winner of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2023 again. Second place for Sandra Valero as representative of Spain. It has been a wonderful festival!

The singer from France, Zoé Clauzure, put all her «Coeur» into this festival, which was held in Nice. And he will stay in France next year.

The host country, France, was a favorite with Zoé Clauzure and her catchy Coeur, a pop song that addresses the issue of bullying. Furthermore, the French have gone all out with a striking choreography where pink predominates in both the costumes and the staging. The young woman is closing the festival with her song that made her the winner.

And how well our Sandra Valero has done. Surely in her town, Benetússer, they are waiting for her to celebrate that second place.

'I love you, mon amour je t'aime'. This is how 'Loviu' begins, the song with which Sandra Valero represents Spain in Junior Eurovision 2023.

In his performance he talks about saying 'I love you' and he does it in five languages: Spanish, English, French, Portuguese and Italian.

Sandra Valero with her 'Loviu' will try to achieve the second victory for Spain in Junior Eurovision. If it did, Spain would organize the festival next year, with a nice coincidence. And in 2024 it will be 20 years since María Isabel won the contest with 'Antes muerte que simple'.

Our Sandra Valero, in the green room. She says she is «very happy and excited» with her new friends. Her favorite group is Queen. She blurts out a “sorry” to our representative, who says that Bohemian Rapsody is her favorite song.

Sandra Valero would like to discover each country as she says in “Loviu”. Thanks to becoming the flag bearer of Spain in Junior Eurovision 2023, the Valencian has had the opportunity to set foot on the French Riviera, specifically the city of Nice. There with a look inspired by Amelia Earhart, aviation pioneer and first female pilot to cross the Atlantic Ocean, Sandra aspires to make history and wants to become the second Spaniard to be crowned in the children's contest. Her Eurovision proposal has fallen in love with both the public and the professional jury in the rehearsals and Spain dreams of the mini crystal microphone.

At the beginning of July, Spain knew its representative for the event that the city of Nice would host. At just 12 years old, Valero was unanimously selected after an in-person casting in which a total of 14 boys and girls participated. Previously, the Spanish delegation had received a total of 114 candidatures, 19 more than the year of Carlos Higes, sixth in Yerevan 2022. Three months later, Eurofans were able to enjoy the song of the Spanish candidacy: «Loviu» composed by Luis Ramiro, Alejandro Martínez Valderrama, Diego Cantero and David Parejo.

Quite a girl she said. At the age of four, the Valencian began singing and currently she is quite an earthquake as she defines herself since she is a singer, actress and model. Her passion for her music runs in the family, from her great-grandfather and her grandmother to her uncle and her father, the latter being musicians and composers. Her enormous talent has led her to participate in the musical El Guardaespaldas and in several television contests.

At 12 years old, he already has several of his own songs on the musical scene and has participated in talents such as Idol Kids and La Voz Kids. Currently and after taking a break for the Eurovision event, the Valencian performs the role of Mowgli from The Jungle Book in a local theater company. Furthermore, Sandra declares herself an unconditional fan of Aitana. Precisely, the Catalan singer traveled to Valencia with her «Alpha Tour» tour where Valero had the opportunity to meet again with her La Voz coach and enjoy her rehearsals in her hometown.

One of the Spanish representative's favorite films is The Little Mermaid. It so happens that in the in-person casting, the young woman chose «Parte de tu mundo», one of the songs that are part of the soundtrack of the Disney movie. This proposal made the color of her voice shine and in addition, her great potential and her vocal range and profile as an actress could be appreciated.

The motto of the 21st edition of Junior Eurovision is 'Heroes' since boys and girls are the true heroes of tomorrow and those who have the solutions to current problems, as expressed by the head of the French delegation, Alexandra Redde. For Sandra, her favorite superheroine is Wonderwoman and we also discovered at the Opening Ceremony what her favorite superpower was. «Being invisible in this way could sneak into all the girls,» said the Spanish representative.

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