Sofia Vergara looks curvy at 50 years old

Sofia Vergara looks curvy at 50 years old

The actress is 50 years old, and even a 20-year-old girl can envy her body, and her magnificent breasts are dizzying for men all over the world.

Sofía Vergara is one of those people who doesn't care if she's 20 or 50 because she's just as great. But still literally, and you only have to see these bikini photos of Sofía Vergara as a young woman to realize it. It is as if the years simply did not pass through the actress, neither through her face nor through her body: her curves remain practically the same.

And one of her latest Instagram posts, a video dancing to the rhythm of Bad Bunny in which the actress poses with an impressive red jumpsuit, has shown us again. A look that reveals her strong and toned buttocks. The jumpsuit is part of her annual collaboration with Walmart, a tradition that began in 2019 and continues to this day.

The actress is always spectacular and in top form

Last September, Sofía Vergara published a bikini photo from more than 20 years ago in which we reaffirmed that the years do not pass through her. Or at least they leave no trace. And it is that it does not matter that the 50-year-old actress has been with us for so long, both on the small and on the big screen, because we continue to see her the same as the first day. Come on, the list of celebrities over 40 who are fitter than ever is practically headed by her, of course.

The actress takes care of herself, both in the gym and in the kitchen. In an interview, she explained that at home «there is always fruit and vegetables» and that «they cooked fresh meat». That is to say, that she has a full-fledged balanced diet. As for the gym, her trainers have already explained on numerous occasions that she is not a big fan of cardio, but that she loves to do lower body exercises.

Sofía Vergara shows off curves and strong arms at age 50 as a judge on America's Got Talent

The actress, model and presenter Sofía Vergara has always dazzled with her impressive curves and the more time passes, the more surprising to see that time does not pass for her. We know that she takes care of herself and that she eats a healthy diet, although on more than one occasion she has confessed that she doesn't like to train very much. If we look back from the 90s, she was strong and toned but now, about to turn 51, it is truly spectacular. In her last appearance on America's Got Talent, we have noticed her defined and strong arms that she wore thanks to a black tank top with silver sparkles that revealed part of her abdomen and enhanced her curves. It is not the first time that in this program, the counterpart to the Spanish Got Talent, we saw the actress boasting of a spectacular silhouette together with her jury partner Heidi Klum, who is not far behind in staying incredibly fit after 40 years.

The beautiful Colombian actress Sofia Vergara took Hollywood by storm with her stunning figure and Latin accent. Sofia currently has a net worth of around $180 million, thanks to her starring role on the television comedy series, Modern Family, in which she earned $500,000 per episode. Sofia has also made several appearances in films, as well as lucrative contracts with well-known brands such as Pantene.

She is a Columbian American actress, one of the biggest stars of our generation. Her beauty is very stylish, she does not miss the chance to show them off at the red carpet. She impressed everyone when she wore this Zuhair Murad dress, that fits her incredible figure, at the NBC Golden Globes After Party last 2014. She wears on her feet a pair of shoes by Brian Atwood. Take a look at that dazzling smile that she had on us when she made her way down the red carpet.

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