Mayra's 2007 Calendar, Sofia Vergara Commits Suicide

Mayra's 2007 Calendar, Sofia Vergara Commits Suicide

Our favorite reggaetonera not named Ivy is at it again. Mayra Veronica said she was retired from the calendar game but like Jigga she lied but it was a lie we’re glad to hear.

Mayra and her assets are back to help you through the New Year. Glancing at her curves will soothe you when you have a stomachache and gotta go to work.

On to another nena we’ve come to love and dream about, Sofia Vergara. Word is she’ll be in the Colombian version of «Desperate Housewives,» «Amas de Casa Desesperadas.» Pero, don’t get too amped and put away the Kleenex and lube, she plays the wife who commits suicide in the beginning of the sitcom. So we only get to see her ass once or twice and then she’ll narrate the rest of the show. Like we wanna hear her voice.

La Colombiana actress is also in the new ABC sitcom, «The Knights of Prosperity.» Looks corny, I know, but shit cornier than this concept has become TV hits. Buena suerte to Sofia. She needs a hit bad since relying on your looks isn’t the way to go when they’re fading.

PS: Keep on emailing your names and mailing addresses to and you might get a copy of Now Latino 2 – Esto Es Música.

Congrats Richard S. in Winter Garden, FL! Your CD is in the mail.

Uno, SOHH Goya, 03.01.07

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