Sofía Vergara: the hottest Hispanic TV star

Sofía Vergara: the hottest Hispanic TV star

Sofía Vergara is the hottest Hispanic T.V. star and one of the most loved personalities of the Latino world. In only six years of career in the U.S., she has become the favorite young star of the Hispanic market.

Her stunning and humorous presentation at the American Comedy Awards on the Fox Network, created a frenzy that ended up with her first Hollywood roll. After a brief audition, Director Barry Sonnenfeld gave Sofia the role of “Nina” in the Disney’s comedy film “Big Trouble”, starring Tim Allen and Rene Russo.

Sofía is a successful businesswoman: her web page averages 12 million hits a month, and in part of it, she has sold more calendars in the Hispanic community than anyone. When she kicked off the millennium with her calendar Sofía 2000, it became the highest selling publication ever of this sort by any Hispanic personality.

Six hundred billboards with her face on the streets of New York gave testimony of her successful cross over to the American market, when as host of “La Bomba”, a syndicated music and interview T.V. show, her presence created a ratings explosion that turned her program in the number one of the N.Y. Metro 70 T.V. Station.

U.S. Hispanics began to love Sofía as the vivacious host of “Fuera de Serie” (Out of this World) on Univisión, the country’s leading Spanish Network also known as the Fifth Network in the U.S. In this show, Sofía took viewers on globetrotting adventures in over 120 countries- from the Vatican to the Amazon to the pyramids of Egypt. Her rapport with the audience made “Fuera de Serie” an instant hit and the same network invited her to host her own top rated prime time one-hour weekly show, “A que no te atreves “ (I dare you). Sofía used her endearing personality and great improvisational skills to dare participants into performing the most outrageous acts possible. Viewers tuned in making it the hippest and number one young audience show of the Univisión Network.

It is not only her talent and looks, but her spirit and brains that have made her such a respected personality. In 1999, Nobel Peace Prize winner Rigoberta Menchú awarded Sofía with the Hispanic Woman of the Year Award, commending her leadership skills representing the qualities Latina women have to offer to the world. Sofía is well known for being an exceptional single mother, and audiences love it when she walks in to the galas and top award events with her son Manolo in a tux, as her dream date.

When Sofía was discovered she was a bright, bilingual dentistry student and a new mom. Nevertheless, an offer to star in a Pepsi commercial launched the beginning of a very successful modeling and T.V. career. After presenting in her country two programs and a daily news magazine show where she interviewed leading personalities including two presidents, the Univisión Network took notice of her talent, and now important media companies, publicity agencies and producers in the U.S. and Europe are doing the same.

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