Hispanics in the United States

Hispanics in the United States

Sofía Vergara now has more chances of succeeding in the mecca of film and TV, since numerous Anglo-Saxon critics praised her performance in “The Knights of Prosperity,” a new broadcast whose pilot program was broadcast by the ABC network. The statuesque Colombian actress, who has already made her debut in film and other television projects, alternates with Donal Logue, Maz Jobrani, Lenny Venito, Kevin Michael and Josh Grisetty, as “Esperanza Villalobos”, an employee who dreams of becoming rich and He joins his friends to rob ostentatious residences, starting with that of Rolling Stone frontman Mick Jagger. Thanks to the SAP (Second Audio Program) system, viewers will be able to enjoy this humorous telecomedy in Spanish, of which Jagger is also executive producer.

ANOTHER HISPANIC man who stands out in these lands is Mario López, who will serve as host of the Miss America 2007 pageant, which will be held at the Alladin casino in the world's gambling capital on the 29th of this first month of the year. Acclaimed for his performance in the television series “Save by the Bell” and for winning second place on the popular contest “Dancing with the Stars” – which ABC recently brought to millions of viewers – Mario lived in Tijuana and grew up in San Diego, and does not hide the pride of its origin.

GLORIA TREVI does not miss the opportunity to work and received the new year singing in Los Angeles, because she wants to pay all her debts and secure her future, while she prepares a new album with unreleased songs and extends her single life. The singer-songwriter from Monterrey, who already combs her hair and takes care of her figure, offered a free concert booked by a store in downtown Los Angeles, where she lasted the evening until early Monday morning and, in addition to singing, lightened her wardrobe to show off in daring poses.

DO NOT TAKE very seriously the rumors that are circulating about a possible divorce between Thalía and Tommy Mottola, as the couple seemed very loving in Aspen, Colorado, where they said goodbye to 2006 skiing, which cost the beautiful singer a broken leg.

MAURICIO ISLAS does not know if he will continue working for the Telemundo network, since next week his soap opera “Amores” ends and nothing has been said about his future. On the other hand, Génesis Rodríguez, the daughter of “El Puma” for whose romantic adventure the Aztec heartthrob was accused of having relations with a minor, will have her first starring role in the comedy “Dame Chocolate”, alternating with María Antonieta de las Nieves (“La Chilindrina”) and Héctor Suárez. Meanwhile, in the middle of the divorce process, Mauricio dresses as a woman in said drama as “Fernando”, the heartless villain who leaves prison to take revenge on his ex-wife “Lucía” (Paola Rey).

YURI VUELVE to Universal Studios on January 11, to alternate with Olga Tañón and Anaís in the concert that the Telefutura network will offer, in order to select the finalists of its singing contest “Objetivo Fama 2007”, which by the way he won last year the young Cuban performer Marlon, nominated for the Premio Lo Nuestro as revelation of the year.

“AVENTURERA”, THE spectacular musical that Carmen Salinas continues to present in Mexico, will probably return to New York at the end of this month, led by the curvaceous Mexican actress Edith González.


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