The Spanish village for sale

The Spanish village for sale

If you are looking for a flat for sale in Spain and are open-minded, let us propose an alternative. How about buying yourself an entire Spanish village? A village in the Spanish region of Galicia has just been put up for sale and costs less than a flat in Madrid or Barcelona. For just 160,000 euros, the buyer will be able to enjoy this set of three houses built more than a century ago in the town of Trabada, in the region of Mariña Oriental (Lugo). This is everything you need to know about the Spanish village for sale for less than the price of a city flat.

The largest house in this unique hamlet has a living area of 300 m2. The second is equally spacious, with 280 m2. And the third, the smallest, has an area of 140 m2.

The complex, which borders the famous Camino de Santiago, has an immense plot of land of 25,000 m2 that can be segregated if desired. The village also has two century-old granaries, a fountain, a wine cellar, a stable and a stone oven.

Just 25 km from this natural enclave is the beautiful coastal town of Ribadeo and the famous Playa de las Catedrales beach. And better still, its proximity to the Cantabrian coast means that the village experiences a mild climate all year round.

For sale: this Spanish village in Galicia in the north of Spain

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