Spain makes last-minute changes to its performance

Spain makes last-minute changes to its performance

Nebulossa bellowed her «ZORRA» at the jury's performance of the second semi-final, leaving the Malmö crowd wanting more. Spain's Eurovision 2024 representatives gave their first live performance in front of a packed Malmö Arena. Eurovision 2024 viewers were vibrating to the beat of «ZORRA», capturing the stunning energy and synth-pop rhythm that characterizes the Spanish offering.

Mery Bas — María José Bas Arguijo

But the energy not only infected the audience, but also the members of Nebulosa. Mary Bas, Mark Dasusa, Josu Martinez, Cesar Luzan and Ani Villa gave their all in this first performance in front of the public. “We felt great support from the public,” Spanish officials said. “I’m not nervous, on the contrary, I grow with the audience. I’m short-sighted and don’t differentiate between 300 and 3,000 people,” joked Mary, Nebulossa’s vocalist.

Although the jury didn't score Nebulossa tonight, Spain's performance served as a preview of what they could see in the Grand Final on Saturday, May 11th. It was a dynamic production: 77 frames in three minutes of performance, a spectacular opening with one of the hanging cubes lowered to ground level and a large red castle projected onto it, as well as an impressive dance of our dancers, which left more than one with their mouths open. In addition to all this, Nebulosa surprised with a last minute change to include an iconic moment from their performance at the Benidorm festival.

The most mythical shot of «ZORRA», the symbol of her victory at the Benidorm Festival, makes a triumphant return to perform at Eurovision 2024. Nebulossa has restored one of the most iconic moments of her performance at the competition in Alicante — the symbolic shot of Meri Bas. invites the audience to sing at the top of their lungs “I’m an even bigger BITCH.” We move from a wide shot used during individual rehearsals to a close-up of Mary Bass with a microphone, followed by a «zoom out» that conveys the emotion of the audience singing the empowerment phrase in unison.

Juan Sebastian and Israel Reyes, artistic directors of the Spanish offering, tell us how the decision was made: “We had to make sure that something so risky would work. In Benidorm it arose naturally. The plan was there from the beginning, it was there, it was just a matter of trial and error." The test went well, and the audience sang it, including in the delegation area. «We believe that all Eurofans will continue to sing this song on Saturday.» However, the lyrics remain on the horizontal screen so that everyone present in the stadium can sing them.

It was a risky decision, but Mary Bas wanted to enjoy the beautiful moment on stage by getting back to the essence of her performance at the Benidorm festival. The rehearsal for the second semi-final was a great opportunity to rehearse it and feel the audience's reaction. Success, thanks in part to the Spanish crowd present at the Malmö Arena, loudly chanting the mythical phrase.

The international press accredited to the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 had the opportunity to see the production of «ZORRA», the Spanish offering for the 68th European competition. The performance of the duo from Alicante was praised by the press accredited to the event, who highlighted the performance, energy and strength of the performance.

Keys to Nebulossa's wardrobe at Eurovision 2024

After weeks of anticipation and rumors, the great mystery has finally been revealed. Mary Bas, vocalist of Nebulossa and representative of Spain in Malmö, will shine in an elegant black lace jumpsuit and matching corset, which will further enhance the «ZORRA» set.

Nebulossa's Eurovision costume combines an international vision with the essence of the Benidorm Festival. American designer Michael Costello created a design that reflected the international dimension that Nebulossa is looking for for the Eurovision Song Contest, while production designer Juan Sebastian worked on the aesthetics of the dancers and the rest of the performers to match the style of the competition. performance of the Alicante competition.

For her performance, Mary will wear a stunning custom-made jumpsuit embellished with 63,000 crystals. The chosen color was black to match the entire visual identity of the Spanish proposal and to give it that air of elegance that characterizes the aesthetics of the 30s. The jumpsuit combines noble materials such as guipure and lace to create a mysterious and enigmatic look. sensual effect. Mary Bas's wardrobe is completed with elbow-length velvet gloves and a corset — the vocalist's calling card. “Variations were made in relation to the Benidorm Festival, but the corset remained a fundamental element and a common thread for Nebulossa on her Eurovision journey from Benidorm to Malmö,” explains Raul Amor, RTVE costume designer and stylist for Meri Bas during Eurovision.. The result is a unique and special dress that reflects the band's personality and desire for memorable performances in their career.

Mary Bas sings «ZORRA» at the first rehearsal of Eurovision 2024

Nebulossa's Eurovision 2024 costume is an evolution of the design we saw at the Benidorm festival, keeping the essence that worked so well and adding elements to create an even more impressive version. “This is version 2.0 or 3.0 of what we saw in Benidorm,” explains Amor. “What worked perfectly has survived, like the corset,” he adds. Without a doubt, this is the main element and common thread that unites Nebulossa's entire trip from Benidorm to Malmö and is present throughout the band's European tour.

Mary Bas will not be alone on the Malmö Arena stage, she will be accompanied by Mark Dasusa, Ana Villa and dancers Cesar Luzan and Josu Martinez. Their costumes, designed by Juan Sebastian, also exude integrity. “The dancers’ tones are in harmony with Mary Bas’s, and Ana and Mark’s voices fit together perfectly,” explains Raoul. The dancers' costumes also retain the essence of what we saw in Benidorm: «We kept that half-naked figure because, in the end, that's what brought the richness to the production,» he adds. As in Benidorm, Iosu and Cesar take a second look, abandoning modesty to reveal the sensual nature of the proposal.

The corset, the centerpiece of Nebulossa's costume, reaches its peak on the Eurovision stage. Designed by Michael Costello, it is crafted from sleek matte vinyl and features delicate stripes of black rhinestones that sparkle elegantly to match Mary's jumpsuit. “The corset creates a sophisticated dominatrix vibe, adding a touch of sensuality and strength to the ensemble, enhancing the figure and completing the wardrobe,” says Raoul Amor.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of ABBA's Eurovision win with «Waterloo», Michael Costello wanted to pay tribute to the group with Nebulossa costumes. The jumpsuit worn by Mary Bus to the performance features puffed sleeves, long gloves and flared trousers, a nod to the iconic retro and seventies look worn by the members of ABBA during their 1974 victory. This nod to ABBA is not only an aesthetic detail, but also represents a special connection to the host country, Sweden, and to the history of the Eurovision Song Contest.

First rehearsal of Nebulosa at Eurovision 2024

Nebulossa successfully completed its first tests at the Malmö Arena. Representatives of Spain Mary Bas and Mark Dasuza were very pleased with the contact with the stage: “We are very happy and grateful.” The Alicante duo made the most of the 30 minutes of rehearsal to perform three passes and perfect all the details of their production. As they've already announced, they've gone back to the core of their Benidorm Festival performance, but refined it for the big Eurovision stage, using all the resources and size of the Malmö Arena, including the large central cube.

Costumes are not only crucial for the final performance on May 11, but also play a fundamental role in the overall image of the Spanish candidacy during the ten days of the festival. Raul Amor, wardrobe manager for the Spanish delegation since 2016, knows this and has carefully prepared every look that Mary Bas will wear in Malmö.

In total, Mary Bas has 13 suitcases in her Eurovision wardrobe. Nebulosa's first big event will take place this Sunday during the Eurovision Turquoise Carpet competition. Although Raoul Amor did not want to reveal too much the look that Meri Bas will wear at the festival's grand opening, he admitted that it will be a tribute to Benidorm Fest and «ZORRA» in capital letters, with an original interpretation.

Raul Amor, costume designer for RTVE, explains the costumes that Nebulossa, Spain's Eurovision 2024 representative, will wear for the production of «ZORRA».

Nebulossa jury rehearsal for the second semi-final

Nebulossa bellowed her «ZORRA» at the jury's performance of the second semi-final, leaving the Malmö crowd wanting more. Spain's Eurovision 2024 representatives performed their first live performance tonight in front of a packed Malmö Arena. Eurovision 2024 viewers were vibrating to the beat of «ZORRA», capturing the stunning energy and synth-pop rhythm that characterizes the Spanish offering.

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