Spanish Socialists Start and … Win

An interesting example of Spain. Here, in early March, the Socialist Workers’ Party won a second time. Its leader, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, as if trying to prove to everyone that society lives not only by tradition, is truly defiant.

For the first time in Spanish history, Zapatero brings nine women to the government – more than half of ministerial portfolios. Moreover, the pretty Carmen Chacon is appointed Minister of Defense. The military stretches out in front of a woman. The generals, among whom are people from the time of General Franco, are forced to carry out the orders of a woman! And this despite the fact that in Spain there are strong gender prejudices – according to sociologists, almost a third of Spaniards believe that women have no place in politics.

But that is not all. Carmen Chacon is pregnant. She is seven months old. Such a vivid and emotional anti-militarist appeal was not long ago.

But this was not enough for the socialists. The Ministry of Equality has appeared in the new Spanish government. Its purpose is to overcome the prejudices of Spanish society and, finally, to end the beating of women on domestic grounds. This ministry will be headed by 31-year-old Bibiana Aido. In an interview with Radio Liberty, she said: “We can’t tolerate women being killed on household grounds every week!”

There is no place for the notorious political correctness. This is political honesty. Moreover, the honesty of the youngest minister of Spain.

By the way, this also has a sensation: the 31-year-old minister is the first time in the history of the country. Whether the Spanish socialists will be able to strengthen the economy of their country, to orient the policy towards a person, to solve, it seems insoluble, the problem of Basque separatism – time will tell. In the meantime, one thing is clear – society trusts left ideology.

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