The Feria de Abril 2023 in Seville

The Feria de Abril 2023 in Seville

Seville April Feria 2023

Seville events in 2023 are back in their best form after year of disruption during the pandemic, and along with the city's famous Easter celebrations, Seville's Feria de Abril is back in 2023. The Seville Fair is an annual Spanish festival which lasts for a whole week and is part of the tradition of the city of Seville, Andalusia. Both locals and tourists from all over the world travel to the city to celebrate the April fair (called the Feria de Abril in Spanish). There are horse-drawn carriages, mythical costumes and lots of other activities that are sure to delight the whole family at the Seville fair in 2023.

La feria de Sevilla facts: But what is La Feria de Sevilla? And why is it celebrated? The origins of the Seville festival date back to 1846, when an entrepreneurial businessman and his wife asked for permission to hold an annual fair in April. Since then, the Feria de Abril in Seville has continued every year, becoming one of the most popular international festivals in Spain and in the world.

During the fair, the city is transformed into a vibrant and colourful celebration, with streets and squares adorned with decorative lights, and people dressed in traditional flamenco attire. The main venue of the fair is the Real de la Feria, a large fairground with rows of casetas, or tents, set up by local families, businesses, and organisations.

What happens during Feria de Sevilla?

The Seville April fair is usually held a week or two after Easter, which means that in 2023 it is being held from Sunday 23rd April to Saturday 29th April. It is a truly unique festival and the dancing, food and music are part of the festive atmosphere of the city.

The history of the Feria de Abril in Seville began in 1847 as a farmer’s cattle fair. Over the years, the festival has constantly changed and now has over a thousand well-organised stalls that are set up on the fairgrounds to welcome both locals and visitors alike.

The above mentioned «casetas» are central to the Feria de Abril. These booths, tents and stalls are places where you can eat local food from Seville, such as the typical calamares con salsa aioli (fried squid with garlic mayo). You can also drink local sherry and dance until the early hours of the morning. Inside, one of the most typical Seville festival activities is watching the sevillanas, the famous flamenco-style dance that originates from this part of Spain. Soak up the atmosphere where men are dressed in a traditional country style, while the women steal the show in their traditional colourful dresses, as they dance wildly together to the beat of the cajones and the strumming of the guitar.

Another one of the interesting facts about the Seville April feria is that it begins with the so-called “prueba de alumbrao” (lighting test), the lighting of the fairgrounds and the main gate. From here on, the horses with jockeys, riders and carriages stroll gently through the streets, and colour and joy flood the city. Tourists can rent their own horse-drawn carriage and take advantage of the many attractions for children and adults to enjoy this incredible festival to the fullest.

Who celebrates la Feria de Abril?

The fair is celebrated by the people of the Andalusian city of Seville, as well as visitors from other parts of Spain and from around the world. It is a time for dressing up in traditional flamenco attire, dancing, music, food, and drink.

In addition to the locals and tourists, there are also many international communities that also celebrate the Feria de Abril, including the Spanish-speaking communities in Latin America, Europe, and the United States.

Tourism in Seville

The city of Seville has an impressive Arab legacy, with a range of emblematic buildings declared World Heritage Sites, as well as neighbourhoods like La Macarena and Triana having a very long history.

With fairground rides, museums, art centres, clubs, theatres and much more in Seville, the fact is that there is an unlimited range of leisure activities on offer during the festival and throughout the year. One of the most popular activities in Seville which you can't miss is the Spanish pastime of «el tapeo», when the bars, taverns and terraces fill up with people eating tasty tapas and drinking refreshing beverages.

The Giralda, the Cathedral of Seville, the Archive of the Indies, the Alcazar, the Plaza de España and the Torre del Oro – all of these monuments stand out in Seville, as does its historical centre, one of the largest in Spain and Europe. It’s unthinkable to go on a getaway to Seville and not visit its most notable monuments, incredible neighbourhoods and beautiful streets. Why not take a trip to enjoy both the city and it's annual fair at the same time? 

23rd-29th April 2023

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