Spain denies a stopover to a ship with weapons for Israel

Spain denies a stopover to a ship with weapons for Israel

Podemos and Sumar have denounced the investigation of the ship loaded with weapons that is going to dock in Cartagena

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation has denied authorization for the Marianne Danica ship, with the Danish flag, which transports weapons destined for Israel to stop in Cartagena and will not allow any vessel in these same circumstances to stop in Spanish ports.

This is a different ship than the Borkum freighter, which does have authorization to dock in Cartagena and whose destination is not Israel, but the Czech Republic, according to the Government. The Prosecutor's Office has asked the National Court to refuse to accept for processing the complaint presented by Podemos to detain the freighter upon its arrival at the port of Cartagena and verify whether it is transporting weapons destined for Israel.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will reject the transit authorization «to stop in Spanish territory for any vessel with a shipment of weapons for Israel,» according to what RTVE has learned. They have added that «there is already a case that has been denied», although they have not specified the exact name of the ship or its flag.

The Marianne Danica ship has a Danish flag and left the port of Madras, in India, bound for Haifa, Israel.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, José Manuel Albares, has assured that «the last thing the Middle East needs is more weapons, it needs more peace» and has considered that «rejecting that scale is coherent.»

He stressed that «it is the first time we are doing it because it is the first time we detect that a ship carrying weapons to Israel wants to stop at a Spanish port.»

He concluded, after his meeting on the future of relations between Spain and Gibraltar, that our country «will work on all efforts to restore peace» and will «recognize the Palestinian State.»

The Prosecutor's Office has asked the judge of the National Court Ismael Moreno to refuse to admit for processing the complaint presented by Podemos to detain the cargo ship Borkum upon its arrival at the port of Cartagena and verify if it is transporting weapons destined for Israel. Almost a hundred people have demonstrated and displayed a large Palestinian flag against the ship's mooring.

Magistrate Ismael Moreno has stated that he is in favor of not admitting, due to lack of evidence, the Podemos complaint that asks to paralyze and inspect the ship, according to legal sources consulted by RTVE.

The head of the Central Investigative Court number two, which is on duty, had asked the Prosecutor's Office to inform the National Court if it is appropriate to open an investigation into this.

The controversial transit through Spain of this vessel has also caused the Sumar parliamentary group, a partner of the Government, to have registered a complaint with the State Attorney General's Office against the docking of the Borkum and has also requested that its arrival be blocked to avoid serious infractions against the humanitarian law.

Podemos' complaint was announced this Thursday by the purple party's candidate for the European elections, Irene Montero, who maintained that the cargo ship «would have its final destination, according to available information, to Ashod, a port 30 kilometers from the strip. of Gaza and of course a port in Israel», when the Government assures that it is heading to the Czech Republic via Slovenia, Podemos affirms that it will then leave for Israel.

Irene Montero explained in RNE that «there are reasonable doubts, and that the document itself, which indicates that the destination is the Czech Republic, says in the second point that these weapons can be exported again if the country gives authorization.»

Irene Montero has declared on RNE that «the civil society of Spain and Podemos have a firm commitment against genocide and we ask that the law be complied with», adding that «Spain cannot allow these weapons to end up being used in a genocide» and has accused the Government of «inactivity» and of «being more aware of the headlines» in the press.

Montero has stated that «not in our name, not with our silence» and that his party will participate «in mobilizations saying loud and clear that what Netanyahu is doing is a massacre against the Palestinian people and a breach of resolutions.»

The former Minister of Equality has assured that she does not understand that «at the same time that Spain recognizes Palestine, it says that Israel is a friendly country. We cannot be friends with a genocidal State» and has concluded with a question: «Do we want to live in a world where the strongest prevails?»

The Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, has insisted that the cargo ship Borkum, whose arrival in Cartagena has been denounced by Podemos due to their suspicions that it was carrying weapons destined for Israel, is not going to this country, but to another in the European Union, as reported yesterday by the Minister of Transport, Óscar Puente.

Robles explained that Defense «has made all the necessary inquiries» to know «if there was any type of action that had to be done» in relation to this ship. After this, it has been proven that her presence in Cartagena «is not the responsibility» of the Ministry of Defense.

«As far as we know, it comes in legal conditions» and that «that ship is not going to Israel, it is going to another EU country,» Robles stated. «In any case, Spain's position is a very clear position, we are asking for a ceasefire now» because «what is happening in Gaza is absolutely unacceptable,» Robles stressed.

España deniega la escala a un buque con armas para Israel

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