Do Felipe VI and Letizia sleep separately?

Do Felipe VI and Letizia sleep separately?

These are the new rumors that destabilize the Royal House

Felipe VI and Queen Letizia have moved on to a new stage in their lives after the departure of their daughters from the family home. For the first time in 18 years they live alone, without the company of their children. This situation will remain for at least the next two years. Princess Leonor will spend this course at the Zaragoza Military Academy and then continue with her training. On the other hand, Infanta Sofía will spend two years studying high school at the UWC Atlantic in Wales.

They have quite separate lives

Recently, the former communicator was seen in London, representing the royal family on World Cancer Research Day, a day associated with the Spanish Cancer Association (AECC) that seeks to promote research, make cancer rates Survival improves and the quality of life of patients is better. While Rocasolano follows his royal agenda, the king of Spain has been away from the palace for two weekends. This weekend he was in Zaragoza visiting his daughter Leonor. It was without his wife. The previous week he went to Gijón to celebrate the wedding of his godson, also alone.

Felipe VI recognizes that he is bored next to Letizia

Recently, Felipe VI acknowledged that he is bored with Doña Letizia. This is what he stated, according to the “Confidential Monarchy”, in the Supreme Court after the opening ceremony of the Judicial Year: “The queen and I are very alone. «Now we're a little bored.» It has been rumored for a long time that everyone is doing their own thing, without worrying too much about their common goals or recovering intimacy.

A love story that surpassed everything

Although the passage of time may have worn down the relationship, the truth is that the romance between Felipe and Letizia is one of those that inspires great love movies. The young prince fell in love with a commoner and not just any commoner, but a journalist. It is believed that when Letizia covered the Prestige disaster, she and the future king already had a close relationship. According to journalist Pilar Eyer, a colleague who was there realized that the former journalist had different treatment.

Felipe VI always treated Letizia like a queen

“While we had to make a living and even stayed in private homes, she was in a great hotel in Vigo and went every day to the Cíes Islands by helicopter,” were the words of this colleague who presumed to have realized how What was happening with the former journalist and Felipe. This was not the only moment in which her colleagues realized that something was happening. 2 months before the Prestige coverage, another of her colleagues ran into her on the first anniversary of the attack on the Twin Towers in New York. He assured that the treatment towards the now wife of Felipe VI seemed different.

A secret with voices

“We were a hundred teams from all over the world at Ground Zero, it was very windy. Well, the Spanish television set was huge, it looked like a movie set, it had a stylist, makeup artist, hairdresser, special spotlights, windbreaks… The other media asked me who Letizia was because of that display and that deferential treatment, the protagonist seemed like her and not him. surroundings, we were all very surprised,” the journalist contributed, according to “Class.”

In 2001 Felipe VI broke up with Eva Sannum

In 2001, Felipe VI announced in a meeting at the Zarzuela Palace that his relationship with former model Eva Sannum had ended. By then, Ortiz had already been divorced from Alonso Guerrero for 2 years and her last relationship had been with David Tejera, another journalist with whom she had already broken up. By 2002, the two were single and life found them never to be separated again. It is difficult to know when exactly they met, since there are rumors that the future king was wanted to get married as soon as possible.

How many times did Felipe VI and Letizia see each other for the first time?

Some media claim that the first meeting between Felipe VI and Letizia was at the house of journalist Pedro Erquicia, although he himself has denied it several times. Journalist Pilar Eyre shared her theory: “The navigator Kitín Muñoz, who was Letizia's boyfriend for a couple of months, introduced her to his friend Felipe and there was a crush… on his part. She resisted, and this drove the prince, who had always had a very easy time with women, crazy. He also loved that she was talkative, cheeky, that she knew everything, that she never shut up, and that popular language was so different from the one used by those around her.

They say that a secret love

Rumors suggest that it was a secret romance for a year after which Prince Philip confronted his parents. The young prince had fallen in love with a commoner whom he wanted to make into his wife and the future queen of Spain. From a movie! “Either Letizia or I leave everything,” would have been his words. On November 3, 2003, Felipe VI announced at the Prado Palace his engagement to the mother of his two daughters: It gives me great joy to be able to express how happy our engagement makes me.

A new life for Letizia Ortiz

Letizia Ortiz would no longer only be treated like a princess, but she would become one. She abandoned her old life to face a new world in which luxury and hedonism were the daily bread. The journalist Pilar Eyre warned: “She had to leave her profession, which she was passionate about, and moved to live in the Prince's gloomy house, where she spent months receiving classes in protocol, history, English, religion, without being able to intervene in the preparations for his own wedding or his future existence.”

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