Eurovision 2024

Eurovision 2024

The Eurovision Song Contest with performers representing each country of the European Union and guests.

The Eurovision Song Contest is an annual television contest in which performers representing public television stations whose countries are members of the European Broadcasting Union participate. Rebroadcast every year since 1956 (except in 2020, when it was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic that severely affected Europe), it is the oldest television program. It is also the largest song festival in terms of audience, which has been estimated between 200 and 600 million internationally.

Eurovision 2024 is here. If you are a Eurofan and you have a question about what the voting system will be like this year, know that there are changes. So you don't get confused, Tony Aguilar explains it to you in detail in this video. There are two important changes that will modify the weight of the votes and that will allow us to vote more. Find out how you should do it so that your favorite representative emerges victorious from Malmö.

1st Semifinal of Eurovision 2024

First Semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest 2024, held in Malmö (Sweden). In this first gala, 10 countries are classified to compete for the crystal microphone in the final gala that will be held on May 11. The gala was inaugurated by Chanel. The representative of Spain in 2022 returns to Eurovision with a new version of 'SloMo', the song with which she achieved third place in the festival.

Chanel sings SloMo

Chanel, Spain's representative at Eurovision 2022, returns to the festival. She has traveled to Malmö to once again delight Eurofans with her “SloMo”. This was her performance during the first semifinal of the 2024 edition in Sweden.

The person who was ready to take the victory returns, the one who has given Spain the record of points and '12 points' in the festival, and the one who shouted «water!» gave us one of the best Eurovision nights in history. Queen Chanel opens this semi-final alongside the great Eleni Foureira and the fantastic Eric Saade.

2nd Semifinal of Eurovision 2024

Second Semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest from Malmö in Sweden. Ten countries have been chosen to participate in the grand final on Saturday the 11th in a gala in which 'Nebulossa' with 'ZORRA' and the Spanish group 'Megara' also performed as representatives of San Marino.

Nebulossa with “ZORRA”

Nebulossa made all of Benidorm dance with her “ZORRA”. She even got them to chant the entire song during her performance. The proposal is written by Mery Bas and Mark Dasousa, the two members of the band. Like the rest of their songs, «ZORRA» has the group's primary genre: synth-pop. Furthermore, they make us travel to the past, specifically to the 80s. As for the meaning, it confronts in a direct way and with an elegant relaxation any attitude or speech that seeks to clip the wings of that woman who no longer has anything not even no one stops it.

With the title of the song, the members of the group seek the resignification of the word itself to give a new meaning to the present, interpreting those past times from a current perspective and with everything learned from a constant shadow imposed by a system that no longer exists it holds.

Megara with “11:11”

The Madrid band Megara represents San Marino at Eurovision 2024 with the song «11:11». The rock group, participating in the second edition of the Benidorm Fest with «Arcadia», champions the Serenísima República after winning 'Una voce per San Marino'.

The song with which Megara represents San Marino in Malmö was created expressly after participating in the Benidorm Fest in 2023. In fact, the song starts with an initial recording from when the group learned that it had been chosen by RTVE to participate in the contest Alicante. The title of the song refers to a time of day that is considered magical, and which in this case symbolizes Megara's dream come true of participating in Eurovision.

Spain: Nebulossa performance with ZORRA

You now have available the video of the performance of Nebulossa, representative of Spain, with the song «ZORRA» in the Eurovision 2024 final. 

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