María Esther Julia Arroyo Bermúdez plans to leave Spain

María Esther Julia Arroyo Bermúdez plans to leave Spain

María Esther Julia Arroyo Bermúdez is a well-known Spanish model and actress, who managed to be crowned Miss Spain 1990.

The model and presenter Esther Arroyo can't take it anymore. After putting up with a lot and trying to keep things from going any further, the former contestant on Tu cara me suena has opened up on the channel and has told Lecturas magazine about the ordeal her family is experiencing due to the bullying her daughter has suffered.

After her coronation as Miss Spain, Esther Arroyo has practically dedicated herself to the world of television, in which she has been able to present programs such as Homo Zapping and El Rey de la Comedia, and work as a collaborator on heart programs, such as Sabor a ti. Esther Arroyo is also a well-known Spanish actress, who began acting in series like Más que amigos, although where she is most remembered is her in the series Periodistas, in which she spent four years.

Esther Arroyo has also participated in series such as Los Serrano, and in the dance contest ¡Mira quien baila!

Esther Arroyo denounces that her daughter suffers bullying at school

Arroyo has two children: the eldest, the result of his first marriage, who lives in Australia, and a 17-year-old girl who was born from his relationship with Antonio Navajas. The latter is the protagonist of the terrible story that the actress has narrated in the magazine of the heart.

The winner of the Miss Spain beauty pageant in 1990 told the outlet that she had to make the decision to switch her daughter to an online study method because she was bullied at the school where she studied and «suffered a lot».

Although she acknowledges that the center acted quickly within the bad, they preferred to get her out of there because she was having a very bad time. When asked in the interview if she has thought about denouncing the stalkers, Arroyo honestly answered no, since his idea is not to confront these girls: “I feel sorry for them. I think that everyone who does this type of act has a problem in itself. However, the actress doubts if she should go live with her family outside the country in search of a new beginning.

His eldest son has been living in Australia for some time, where he lives in a van. The young man is dedicated to music, martial arts and doing shows. The model has recognized that her son has found her place in the country of Oceania and that she is very happy for him.

“He is a very free artist. He has gone vegan and is super healthy and super strong. He leads a life that I would like for myself ”, the actress confessed to the magazine of the heart, very proud of her little one.

Return to television

After some occasional appearances and collaborating on some programs, Esther Arroyo returns to television with Telemadrid in a program that will search for the best comedian in the autonomous community. She will be part of the group of judges, where she will be accompanied by the actor Pablo Chiapella and by Josema Yuste.

The space is called El Mejor and is presented by Pilar Rubio. In this format, different comedians and comedians will go through the set of the Madrid channel to try to make the judges laugh and thus pass the phase to become the best comedian.

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