Chanel returns to Eurovision

Chanel returns to Eurovision

Spain's 2022 representative Chanel Terrero Martínez opened the first semi-final of the song competition, where she finished second in her year.

Chanel lights up the networks with new Eurovision choreography

Eurovision 2024 has officially started. Malmö kicked off the 2024 Song Contest with the magical and incredible opening of the festival's first semi-final. The opening began with the performance of Eleni Foureira, the representative of Cyprus, who took second place in her edition with the song “Fuego”.

Another star of the official start of Eurovision was Chanel Terrero Martínez. Spain's 2022 representative, who conquered Turin's «SloMo» and took Spain to its best position in the last decade, returned to the singing competition stage. After months of disagreements with her choreographer that left her unable to dance her song's iconic choreography, Chanel is back with an incredible new dance to her most successful song.

Chanel Terrero performed a new, harder version of «SloMo» and with more dancers, which impressed the entire Eurofan audience present in Malmö, as well as the home crowd. The artist has a year ahead when she will be touring Spain with her new Water! tour, performing songs from her new album, released just a few months ago.

Spain will take part in the second semi-final as a model as, as part of the Big Five, it goes straight into the grand final on Saturday along with Italy, Great Britain, Germany, France and hosts Sweden.

In 2024, Nebulossa will represent the territory with «Zorra», an empowerment anthem that seeks to convey a message of freedom in a very sensual production, not much different from what they practiced on the Benidorm Fest stage.

May 7 marked the official start of Eurovision 2024 with its first semi-final and, to the delight of the audience, Spain was present at this great event. Chanel Terrero, our representative for Eurovision 2022, had the honor of opening this exciting gala with a performance that revolutionized the networks, filling it with commentary even though it left us speechless.

The outstanding artist, who captivated the Spanish public by winning Benidorm Fest 2022 and conquered Europe by taking third place in the Eurovision Song Contest, returned to the festival stage two years later. This time, Chanel wowed the audience with a new interpretation of the iconic SloMo song choreography she brought to the competition, accompanied by a new and unexpected dance team, as Kayla Hanagami's original dance could not be used due to copyright issues.

For this new presentation, Chanel stunned everyone in a sparkly electric blue jumpsuit, giving life to an updated version of the song that led Spain to its best result in 27 years. This new adaptation of SloMo features a heavy percussion presence and an energetic dance break mid-show, highlighted by a spectacular overhead shot at the beginning.

The networks are asking for Chanel to appear again at Eurovision

The competition, which has a long list of devoted followers, received a wave of words of adoration for Chanel's performance. With a cry of “Water,” he defended his new proposal in such a way that even though it was a semi-final, users already had a winner. So much so that, like two-time winner Lorin, the Spanish public is looking forward to the singer performing again at the festival in Benidorm and competing for Eurovision, winning again this time.

Two of the biggest Eurovision heists: Eleni Foureira and Chanel

«La Mami» Returns, Networks Revolutionized with Chanel's New «SloMo» Choreography

The Spanish woman is reunited with Eleni Foureira

Chanel sings «SloMo»

Chanel, Spain's representative at Eurovision 2022, returns to the festival. She went to Malmö to once again delight Eurofans with her “SloMo”. This was her performance during the first semi-final of Eurovision 2024 in Sweden.

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