Alicia Faubel, the candidate of Spain in Miss Universe 2022

Alicia Faubel, the candidate of Spain in Miss Universe 2022

Only one Spaniard has managed to win Miss Universe: Amparo Muñoz, in 1974. Alicia Faubel will go for the second crown for Spain on January 14.

Alicia Faubel is the representative of Spain in Miss Universe 2022

Motivated by her own experiences, Alicia Faubel is an advocate for awareness of eating disorders and studies to be a psychology assistant specializing in the subject.

This Saturday, January 14, the 71st edition of Miss Universe will take place. One of the candidates who dreams of taking the crown is Alicia Faubel, representative of Spain. If she succeeds, this will be the second time that the Iberian country has obtained the title. The only one that has achieved it is Amparo Muñoz in 1974.

But who is Alicia Faubel? And how has she prepared for Miss Universe 2022?

Who is Alicia Faubel?

Alicia Faubel is a 25-year-old model born in Valencia. The young woman has lived outside her native country since she was 17 years old, living most of the time in Hong Kong (China), among other places in the world.

Faubel is 5'7", practices boxing and is interested in mental health. The young woman has revealed her desire to study Psychology, however, due to her work, she has not been able to start the career. However, she has been taking an online psychology assistant course.

“I am doing an online course for a Psychology assistant and I love it. I wanted to do a degree in Psychology, but because of my work it has not been possible, for the moment. But everything that has to do with the study of mental health and the mind I like a lot, to understand myself and combine it with the theme of Miss Universe, it helps me a lot, «revealed Miss Universe Spain to the Diez Minutos portal.

How has Alicia Faubel prepared for Miss Universe 2022?

After being crowned as Miss Universe Spain, Alicia Faubel left for the Philippines to be prepared by experts in beauty pageants. The model perfected her catwalk and her communication skills in the Asian country to have a good performance this January 14 at Miss Universe 2022.

“I have been in the Philippines (preparing). It is one of the places where they best prepare the catwalk and 'question and answer' for beauty pageants”, said the model.

How is Alicia Faubel doing in love?

Alicia Faubel has preferred to keep her love life away from the spotlight. However, it is known that she is in a relationship with a man from the United Arab Emirates. As the model revealed, being an independent woman since she was 17 years old, her partner had to be constant to win her heart.

“I have had two relationships in my life and what led them both to win me over was perseverance. I say no and they say yes. I am very independent, I have been single since I was 17 years old and I have never been one to want to be in a relationship, but in the end, he made it” she commented.

Alicia Faubel в Instagram: «Y después de casi 24h en total de viaje por fin aterrizó en New Orleans para comenzar la competición de @missuniverse representando a…»

We show you the swimsuit (with a message) that Alicia Faubel will wear in the Miss Universe pageant

Alicia Faubel, the Spanish representative in Miss Universe, will demonstrate on January 14 in New Orleans (United States) that she is one of the beauty queens who is best prepared to be the new queen of the pageant. In the preliminary phase that takes place tonight, she must parade in a bathing suit in an edition in which, for the first time, the contestants will wear a cape, a garment that will show a personal, national or international message and that in this way reveals the personality of each of the participants. Although there are still hours to see how the model will walk the runway, we show you a sketch of the design, created by Tom Alvarado and Jason Castillo of La Rosa Studio and inspired by flamenco.

At the age of 25, Alicia, who has spent a lifetime linked to the world of fashion, wants to break with the established physical canons and thus give more importance to those details that make each person unique, leaving imposed perfection behind. For this reason, the cape that she is going to wear in the bathing show has a very important message for Spain, since under the slogan One Universe, the Spanish representative will wear a model in which the face of Ángela Ponce appears, the first and only woman transsexual to compete in the pageant since the bases of Miss Universe allowed it in 2012.

In fact, Faubel, who also considered dedicating the cape to Amparo Muñoz (the first and only Spaniard to win Miss Universe in history) finally wanted to wear Ángela's because she believes that that moment in the contest in which a Spaniard became becoming the first transsexual to parade and participate was a crucial and historic event. In addition, it must be remembered that starting next year, the contest will allow married or divorced mothers to participate, regardless of their marital status, so that One Universe motto in which all of them have a place gains more strength and relevance than ever.

In addition to showing the original cape with the swimsuit, Alicia will also parade tonight in a gala dress in the Miss Universe preliminary, a moment in which she will receive scores that will be added to those of the personal interviews and that will be crucial for be part of the top 16 finalist that will be announced on Saturday. With great joy and enthusiasm, our representative acknowledges that she still has a long way to go to be able to win the long-awaited crown, but she is very happy because she has done the interviews „better than she expected.“ „I was afraid to be very calm and then get nervous, but it has not happened. They have been very short and the girls have made it very easy for us because it has been a casual environment. I have done it with a lot of energy,“ he said in his profiles. social.

Miss Spain, Alicia Faubel, celebrated her birthday in the middle of Miss Universe

The Spanish representative turned 26 and celebrated with other participants at a special dinner.

Miss Spain, Alicia Faubel, celebrated her 26th birthday last weekend in New Orleans, where the activities prior to Miss Universe 2023 are taking place.

The Spanish shared part of her birthday celebration with colleagues from other countries and also dedicated a publication to commemorate this special date.

On his Instagram account he wrote: „OFFICIAL 26. Never in a million years would I have imagined spending these special days miles from home and my family and friends. But what a great moment and memory, I enter @missuniverse at 25 years old And I'm leaving with 26 and a great group of new friends all over the world, a lot of new knowledge and I've been a better and new person, and that's the best gift for me.“

In addition, he appreciated all the birthday greetings that his followers sent him from a distance. „Today more than ever I miss my loved ones who are gone right now and I wish I could hug them,“ he added.

The celebration of Alicia Faubel with the other candidates for Miss Universe 2023

Among the Latino candidates who greeted Alicia Faubel, Miss Colombia, María Fernanda Aristizábal and the Venezuelan Amanda Dudamel stood out. „I adore you my queen! That energy of yours is unique,“ wrote the Colombian, while Rafael Dudamel's daughter asked her to continue „making us laugh and enjoy so much for the remaining days of @missuniverse and the remaining years of your life “.

After the commitments related to Miss Universe 2023, Alicia Faubel went out to dinner with representatives of other countries and as a birthday cake she had cotton candy with a candle, which she shared with the other candidates present.

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