Best showed her bust in Spain

Best showed her bust in Spain

The ex-wife of the legendary British footballer George Best is in excellent shape. While the 59-year-old luminary of English football, who undermined his health with drinking and partying, lies in the hospital, his ex-wife is sunbathing in Spain.

Alex Best: “My hubby is in hospital. And I’ll hurry up to the sunshine!”

Paparazzi caught the other half of the Manchester United and England team scorer on the beach of the resort town of Marbella. Alex Best, nee Fersi, is blooming and smelling, while George Best is in critical condition in one of the London clinics. It is not difficult to guess which spouse benefited more from the divorce.

The couple divorced after Alex found out that her husband was cheating on her with a certain Gina Devino. Mrs. Best was especially offended by the fact that George exchanged her not for a young beauty, as seems to be customary in such cases, but for an older lady — Gina is two years older than Alex. It was also rumored that the football player beat his wife, who, however, denied it.

The divorce proceedings brought Alex George's house in Surrey and 75 thousand pounds of compensation. She immediately invested 9 thousand of them in herself, her beloved, by undergoing breast enlargement surgery. As readers can see, the operation was successful.

Eh, Zhora, who did you trade for vodka?

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