Issued: Spain 

Genre: Comedy, Drama 

Director: Pedro Almodovar 

Cast: Penelope Cruz, Lola Denas, Blanca Portillo, Carmen Maura, Joana Cobo, Chus Lampreave 

Duration: 2:00:40

Three generations of women Raimund pulls the whole house herself, while her husband is lying on the sofa and beats his teenage daughter Paula. Alma: his sister, a lonely girl, who wins a hairdresser at home. In the past, her mother was still abandoned, burned with her father four years ago. But now the life of the sisters is upside down: Paula kills her father when he began to harass her, Raimund hides the body in the refrigerator and Soul hears the voice of his mother and sees it with his own eyes. Your life is changing radically.