Vanilla Sky

Vanilla Sky

It is a remake of the Spanish film Abre los ojos of 1997 


Melodrana, drama, triller 

Directed by: Cameron Crowe 

Cast: Tom Cruise, Penelope Cruz, Cameron Diaz, Kurt Russell, Jason 

2 h 14 min

The rich playboy David had it all: the money, his own publisher, the expensive car and the apartment in a respectable area of New York, the friend and writer Julianne, even the enemies, represented by seven managers of his company, were also . So he lived without thinking, until one day he met Sofia. His life changed abruptly shortly after this meeting, David had a car accident and woke up after an invalid coma with a disfigured face, which has to be covered with an "aesthetic prosthesis", but in reality it is a simple mask. And then his new life became a nightmare, from which he did not wake up.

Opinions of spectators:

This movie is for those who like confusing movies. That is, you can break the Bosko here, but you will not guess what it is about. Look at nothing until the end This film needs to be understood and felt, it can not be seen and in parallel deal with other things. The sound is also very important. This is one of the best movies I've seen and I advise everyone to see them. The film is worthy of praise! The plot itself is so twisted that it's impossible to watch a movie once! And the actors are not fragile! For fans of this genre, you must download them!