Sport in Spain

Sport in Spain

Although the sport is international, the traditions and climatic conditions of each country influence its development. Thus, for example, in Spain winter sports, such as ice hockey or skiing, are practically not practiced. Badminton, so popular in Russia, is not widespread either.

But football is very popular. It is so widespread that small soccer fields are everywhere. In them, futsal is practiced, a version of football in which five people participate per team.

Few guys don't dream of being Pele or Ronaldo. And if their backyard is too small, they go out to play, running the risk of losing the ball under the wheels of a car. Meanwhile, the elderly, most of whom are also fans of this sport, spend long hours hanging from the television. And not just men. When they broadcast the games with the participation of Barcelona, Real Madrid or the Spanish National Team, the streets are completely empty.

Lately basketball has also become fashionable, following the model of the United States. But basketball requires specially prepared fields, while soccer is more popular.

And by the way, tennis is also a favorite specialty among the Spanish. In large part this is due to the fact that there have been and are players who have achieved great success, such as Santana, Gimeno, Orantes, Bruguera or Arantxa, winners of many tournaments. Although in the past it was a sport practiced only by the upper classes, in recent years it has become a sport practiced by many people.

As they say, the important thing is not to win, but to participate.

Spanish supporters celebrate the 4-0 victory of their team after the UEFA EURO 2012 final soccer match Spain vs. Italy at the Olympic Stadium in Kiev, Ukraine, 01 July 2012

South Africa hosted one of the most historical World Cup events in 2010, which saw Spain stand tall with its golden team of talented stars. Four years later, “La Furia Roja,” meaning “the Red Fury,” failed to defend its trophy in a catastrophic and best-forgotten performance in Brazil.

This girl was lucky to see it lift the coveted diadem in 2010 before it bowed out at the group stage four years later. We expect the “tiki-taka” masters to bring their A-game in Qatar, having very comfortably qualified for the quadrennial event. The Spanish squad must be looking forward to winning the trophy for the second time.

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