The Spanish universities

More than a million young people studying in the nearly forty Spanish public universities. Universities are also the core of scientific and technical research.

The Spanish university, like most European universities, has its roots in the Middle Ages. The oldest is the Spanish universities of Salamanca, founded in 1218. But in recent years the Spanish university has known more growth and major changes throughout its long history.

The freedom to study and autonomy are the principles of the Spanish university organization. Univesidad long ago was still an institution reserved for minorities. Currently it has become what is considered a mass university.

The studies are organized in three cycles. The first two or three years, concludes with a Diploma, Engineer or Technical Architect. The second, two-year concludes with a degree, engineer or architect. The third cycle leads to a doctorate or specialization.

Each university usually has five faculties: Arts, Sciences, Law, Medicine and Pharmacy. The most popular race is law. Most univerdidad is the Complutense de Madrid, where more than 120,000 students study. There is also the so-called distance learning, which allows married the study with work.

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