Spaniards and sex

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Spaniards and sex

Sex guide: How to seduce in Spain

Sexologists believe that the most accessible are the Spaniards; nature has endowed them with an irrepressible temperament and the habit of pursuing the object of their passion.

According to the results of the study, 9 out of 10 senioritas first meet men and literally hang themselves around their necks. But the annoying Spanish gentlemen are also very intrusive in their courtship. If he “has his eye on you,” it means he will pursue you with all his tricks and eventually starve you out.

The most important thing for the Spaniards is a close look in the eyes. They regard this as a manifestation of interest, trust and sexual attraction. Men know a lot and know how to “shoot with their eyes” no worse than women. According to every fifth resident of Spain, without eye-to-eye contact, a romantic relationship is simply impossible.

Do not cast fiery glances at young Spanish women — this may end in a brutal and bloody hand-to-hand fight with the local youth. The chatter about the sexual revolution has done little to change the morals and customs of the people of this country.

Spaniards and prostitution

Spanish men most likely to pay for sex

More than a quarter of Spanish men have paid for sex with a prostitute, the highest proportion of any European country, according to a government study published yesterday.

The survey by Spain's National Statistics Institute found that one in 14 Spanish men visited a prostitute in 2003, while 27% admitted having paid for sex at least once during their lifetime.

«Both percentages stand out as being higher than those observed in other European surveys,» said researchers, who interviewed 10,000 men and women.

They found that Spanish women were more sexually conservative, with 55% saying they had only ever slept with one man.

The survey came as no surprise to Spain's Association of Sex Clubs, which said recently that the monthly spend in its establishments was roughly €100 (£66) for every male in the country.

It said that 300,000 women, mostly foreigners, worked in a sex business that thrives in a confusing legal situation, which makes it illegal for anyone to live off prostitutes but does not appear to ban prostitution itself.

Spain's new Socialist government has pledged to «open a debate» on what to do about prostitution.

Sex workers do not pay tax, but some estimates claim they would contribute €2.8 bn a year to state coffers if they did.

Campaigners say the current confusion over the legal status of prostitution encourages trafficking in women — from eastern Europe and south America — who are, effectively, forced into selling themselves for sex to pay off huge debts.

The Spanish National Court of Justice has recognized prostitution as a legal economic activity. As Europa Press reports, the panel judges upheld the claim of the National Association of Entrepreneurs «Messalina» against the Spanish Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. Previously, the ministry refused to include the Messalina association in the state register, saying that it was not a legal organization. The Messalina Association unites entrepreneurs — owners of hotels and clubs where meeting houses operate. In them, women prostitutes provide sexual services. Moreover, the choice is huge — cheap prostitutes and super expensive ones — to suit your taste and budget. The panel of judges decided that the provision of sexual services in the establishments of the Messalina association complies with the law, and therefore the association should be entered into the register by the Spanish Ministry of Labor. This is not the first time that a Spanish court has practically legalized prostitution. The year before last, a judge in Barcelona recognized the right of a prostitute to pay contributions to the state social insurance system, noting that the woman was engaged in “work for the benefit of society.” In both prostitute cases, Spanish judges refer to a 2001 European Court ruling that considered prostitution a “legal economic activity.”

Spanish prostitutes are slim. Found everywhere. Active at any time of the day. They don't pay attention to passers-by. Independent.

Sex tourism in Spain

Spain is becoming increasingly appreciated among lovers of “hot things”. Most often, “establishments” are hidden under the sign of Club. The atmosphere is free. You can just stare at the girls and, if you don’t want to continue the program, leave. But there’s no need to bargain — you’ll have to talk to the bouncer. Prostitutes, as a rule, are Latin women, but there are French and Spanish women, as well as Ukrainian and Russian women.

Recently, topless bars have appeared in large cities — another disguised version of a brothel. You can check by touch whether the bust of the waitress you like is firm and firm for free.

Risk rating — xxxx.

Do not get involved with street prostitutes under any circumstances — there is a great danger of contracting AIDS. And in the club you can also get it on the face — from security or the local mafia.

Adulthood comes at 16, but don’t be surprised if a 14-year-old African, Cuban or Peruvian girl ends up in your bed: in the south they mature early. Street prostitution exists, services in the car or in the park, of which there are many, are quite cheap — 10-30 dollars, but we do not recommend taking risks: AIDS. Sex in all its forms thrives in clubs. This very concept of “club” is very loose in Spain, but in most cases it comes down to sex, so if you see a sparkling neon “Club” sign on a highway, don’t expect to get into a golf club or KVN.

The girls — mostly Latinas, Russians and Ukrainians, but many also Spanish and French — sit at the bar and on the sofa. You can drink wine or beer (about $5 per drink) and leave if no one takes your fancy, or you can invite any of the girls to the table or immediately follow her to the bedroom, where there is always a shower with soap and a clean towel, video monitors for porn films and a huge bed for several people with many pillows. The price for half an hour is 10,000 pesetas (about 80 dollars), if there is one girl, and if there are two, the price will double. We do not recommend arguing: friendly black bouncers are always on the alert.

Swinger clubs have become very popular lately, where people exchange partners and thereby, according to some sociologists, strengthen the family. Single men are not allowed entry on Sundays only. We recommend visiting the trio club «Acuarela» on Paseo de la Chopera in Madrid, strolling along Atocha Street, where there are many sex centers, and in Barcelona you can't miss the famous Ramblas. Be careful, do not forget that the city is a port.

Male striptease and clubs for women are also becoming increasingly popular, where with the help of men of any age, skin color, build — mainly from the former socialist camp, many Croats, Serbs, Magyars, you can satisfy even the most exotic desires from 100 dollars.

In large cities, not so long ago, “Top-less” clubs and bars began to appear, where they invite you on the streets with colored flyers (leaflets) of a respectable-looking lady: these are also a kind of brothels, although sex services are not advertised, and officially they will only serve you waitresses (drinks cost twice as much as in a regular bar) in skimpy panties with bare busts worthy of a modeling contest. The girls have no complexes, so do not hesitate to try them by touch: any touch is acceptable and does not require additional payment. And after trying, retire with your chosen one to a separate office (the same 80 dollars).

Attention car enthusiasts (using rent-a-car)! There are many specialized clubs on the road from Barcelona to Valencia. We recommend visiting Cambrils, Amposta, San Carlos da la Rapita (ask Manuela or Katya), Vinaroz, Benicasim, Moncofar. The clubs are nice and quiet near Valencia, in the small villages of Romani Algemesi.

Now in Spain, in our opinion, there are the best clubs for gays in Europe.

The Sun's sex guide to world resorts: Ibiza Town on Ibiza Island

Location: exclusively a party island, where all prohibitions are left at the door. It is preferable to stay in Ibiza town, which is more colorful than the informal party capital of the island of San Antonio.

Vacationers: glamorous people, beauties, and partygoers. Everyone is here, from Kate Moss to DJ Roger Sanchez, looking for a short romance.

Who to go with: friends.

Sex: indulge yourself in the pleasure of enjoying the morning horizon. After dancing the night away, entice your partner to watch the sunrise on one of the stunning beaches. There are 60 of them on the island.

“Password”: Quieres bailar?, which translates to “Would you like to dance?”

For those who have splurged, the publication offers several “classic” phrases that it believes will help “hook” a sexy foreigner on vacation.

In Spanish: Usted ha caido siempre en amor a primera vista?, which roughly means “Did you fall in love the first time?” In Dutch: Ik hou van mijn fiets — hou jij van mij?, namely «I love my bike — do you love me?»

In Danish: Du er fraek! — “Oh, you naughty man!”

In French: Tentee par une nuit avec moi?, in other words, “Come and experience the night with me!”

Also in Spanish: Es ese espagueti en sus pantalones o usted apenas esta satisfecho para verme? — “Is that spaghetti on your pants, or are you just happy to see me?”

In German: Du wechst den Tiger in mir! — “You awaken the tiger in me!”

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