The hard core forms the plateau, divided by the Central system into two sub-plateau: the northern, which corresponds to the Duero, and the south, where the Tagus and Guadiana basins, separated by the mountains of form Toledo. Mountains bordering the southwestern plateau: northwest Galician massif, the Cantabrian mountain range to the north (with the Picos de Europa), the Iberian and Sierra Morena system south. Northeast Plateau is the depression of the book, closed to the north by the Basque Navarre mountains to the north by the Pyrenees, to the east by the Catalan mountains and southwest by the Iberian system. Between Sierra Morena and weapons systems (Baetica and Penibética) the war or (iuadalquivir depression is formed, in the Sierra Nevada penibética reaches its highest altitude Peninsula, Mulhacén peak, 3478 m.

Small coastal plains in the Cantabrian, Galician and penibética wider areas and southwest, at the exit of the war depression, and the Levant region, where they have formed the most fertile plains orchards.

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