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Eivissa (Spanish Ibiza, cat. Eivissa, also known by the common but incorrect pronunciation of «Ibiza») is an island in the Mediterranean Sea, part of the Balearic Islands archipelago. Belongs to Spain.

The area of the island is 572.56 km². Height — up to 475 m. Population — 151827 inhabitants (2020). The administrative center is the city of Ibiza.

International resort.

The island is best known for its numerous clubs, where electronic music of a wide variety of directions is performed.

Eivissa is the center of world dance culture.

This island was first captured by the Romans. All this happened in the 2nd century BC. And then the nation changed the nation. This place has a very rich history. The very history of the island suggests the absence of any and all borders.

Why has Ibiza become the center of world dance culture? Probably, it all started when the British came here and started throwing their parties. Then the Spaniards chose this place for themselves. Not only English, but also American DJs began to be invited here. The process of popularization of Ibiza began to pick up speed like a snowball. Now it is a favorite place for American and English DJs, as well as Spanish ones.

It's a great place, it's easy to come here, it's easy to organize a party here.

City of San Antonio. The most magnificent thing in the city of San Antonio is, of course, the sunset, which everyone watches from the waterfront from Cafe Del Mare and Cafe Mambo.

Here music falls under a huge number of influences — Spanish, Latin. Here you can walk in a T-shirt at 3 o'clock in the morning. There are some really cool clubs here. Everything here is filled with music, a huge amount of energy. Completely different people come here. There is a mixture of cultures here. This is a stunning place.

Most of the clubs were built for the Spaniards, but the island was open to tourists from any country. People came here. They liked it here, because they had never heard such a musical mix anywhere else. Mega-clubs were built here, which have no equal in any country. Over time, more and more people began to come here. Only this island has become a center of mixing dance styles. It just doesn't exist anywhere else. Nobody can deny it. No one can say that the clubs of Ibiza simply have no equal in the world.

It's sunny, cool, pretty cheap. A lot of DJs come here. The weather here is great, it's hot. It's great when DJs from different countries play for a multinational audience.

Bars in Ibiza


Cafe Mambo is a great place. We see that visitors like us very much: they are cheerful and always have smiles on them. And the first question these people have when they come to San Antonio is: «Where is the Mambo Cafe?» People come to Ibiza to be by the sea, to have fun on the beach, to have fun with cool music. That is why they prefer a bar by the sea rather than a club. People come here to find out where it is better to go in the evening, where the coolest party will be. In general, here you can find out absolutely everything about what is happening on the island and, of course, make new friends.

This is a place for everyone and everyone, but usually young people come here, there is great music and you can have a great time. We are attentive and professionally serve each visitor who comes to us. People love this attitude. We keep a high standard.

Bar «Bora-Bora»

Now life flows here slowly and measuredly, but a little later, in the late afternoon, a real frenzy will begin. People start dancing and moving. There is a small club built right in front of the bar, one of the biggest on the island. The most famous DJs play in our club, we have the best night programs.

Bar «Magnolia»

Ibiza has never witnessed such an influx of people. All clubs are filled to capacity. Many people a couple of times a week prefer not to be in a club where they are surrounded by 4-5 thousand people, but to go to quieter places.

Bar Costa Sa Trincha (Sa Trinxa)

Cafe «Del Mare»

Clubs of Ibiza


Here you can dance even during the day.

«El Difain» («El Divino»)

Perfect place. There is a wonderful intimate atmosphere here.


Here you can relax nicely.


«Amnesia» («Amniga») 

Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go to Ibiza


The capital of the island, Eivissa, greets us as if it were a celebration of the city today. But such a holiday is here every day. Slightly nervous fun subsides only at dawn. The old district of Dalt Vila 40 years ago was a simple poor corner where fishermen settled.

Even in the sunny Mediterranean, there are gloomy mornings, especially for some.

They do not promise us the weather, they say, the north wind is coming — the tramontana, and with it, perhaps, a storm. Rigging and the warm east wind levant act as a duet. This marvelous music of the Mediterranean can only be heard in the marina.

Ibiza differs from other islands of the archipelago with its unusual architecture. It has a strong Arabic influence. A tower rises above every house. During the attacks of pirates, women, children and the elderly quietly sat out from the towers while the men repelled the raid. Maria Ribas, a true patriot of her island, told us about this.

— This house is called Torro de Balatias. It grew as the peasant family grew. First they built a bedroom, a kitchen and a barn. Gradually, the house grew: a living room was added, or several bedrooms, or a corral for cattle. Children grew up and brought a wife or husband to the parental home. The house grew again. Now these farms are our historical heritage, and the peasants no longer live in them.

The fashionable public, who constantly come to club on Ibiza, that is, spend days and nights in clubs and discos, does not care about the inner life of the island. And we, thanks to Maria Ribas, managed to look at the island outback, although it is not so easy to find her on such a party island.

This watchtower on the island was nicknamed the Tower of Pera. The Spanish classic of the 19th century, Vasque Ibanez, built the intrigue of a whole novel around the tower. The book, however, is not about pirates, but about love.

Rumors of a coming storm did not materialize. While Eivissa comes to her senses after another cheerful night, we weigh anchor and go out to sea. Fresh wind is always fair. Dejected on the shore, Juan Antonio cheered up and briskly raised the sail. As soon as you turn off the autopilot that keeps modern yachts on course, it turns out that steering a yacht is not at all as easy as it seems. The yacht in the hands of a newcomer begins to behave like a wild mustang. She does not want to follow the course in any way, all the time she strives to bear away into the wind, or even break into a dangerous roll. In order to curb her temper, one needs not only physical strength, management skill, knowledge of sailing directions, but also what the sailors of the sailing fleet called «the gift to hear the wind» — the ability to determine by ear the moment when it is worth adding sails, and when — turn down. But this time it was not the wind that brought us the danger. We almost ran into a reef. Everything worked out, but our skipper will be worried for a long time — there is no greater shame for the captain than to run his ship aground.

We have a guest on board. We agreed on a meeting with him back in Moscow, and now, at the exactly appointed hour, we saw how a jet ski of a member of the royal family of Spain, Alvaro de Marichalar and Saenz de Tejada, was catching up with us. Alvaro is an avid traveler. He has already set several world records and is going to cross the Atlantic on a jet ski. We meet the guest in Russian. Our national snack drink, of course, came in very handy. Alvaro was soaked to the skin, hadn't eaten since morning, and hadn't gotten off his bike for 5 hours. They also promised to conduct it in Russian. Alvaro had already gotten used to some of our national peculiarities during his visit to Moscow. What is he doing near Ibiza?

— I am training and quite successfully, because here are ideal conditions for sailing on the sea and acquiring the skills that I will need on my planned trip. For example, I live now in the sea — I sleep on a raft. I have to do it in the Atlantic. I train on a motorcycle for 7 hours a day, I run a lot. And most importantly, here I receive vital energy for my transatlantic crossing, which sleep under the stars gives me. It is the energy of the universe itself, the energy of the Lord. In the Atlantic, every 5 hours on the move, without stopping, I will receive food and gasoline from an auxiliary ship. I have to do 5500 nautical miles in the ocean. This will take at least 50 days, depending on the state of the ocean. I plan up to 16 nautical miles a day, while only standing, because this is the only way in which you can not injure the spine on a jet ski. You will have to sleep for 6-7 hours on a raft, which will be lowered from an auxiliary vessel. And in the morning — again on the road!

Having warmed up, Alvaro jumped on his iron horse, as once worthy caballeros mounted, and rushed to Formentera.

And we are going to Menorca and we have new discoveries and adventures ahead of us. Frankly, on the way we hoped to meet the yacht of the Spanish king, who annually, according to family tradition, calls at the small port of Fornells in Menorca in order to taste the famous local lobster soup. But we came across only fishing boats and training sailboats.

Ibiza is the European capital of music, dance and luxury lifestyle. In the Mediterranean Sea, 100 km from continental Spain lies the island of Ibiza. Once upon a time, tourists did not hear about it. Now here is the club capital of Europe.

For almost 40 years, Spain was ruled by the dictator Franco, and tourism was poorly developed. Foreigners did not know about Ibiza. Today the island is the capital of excesses and idle lifestyle. In the 1960s, a small airport was opened on the island. Hippies rushed there, trying to build a paradise under the sun. Now millions of people come here every year. The island has become the largest destination for pleasure seekers.

Ibiza has 56 beaches that stretch for 15 km. These are the best beaches in the world — just fantastic! Look around! Sun, sea, sand! Fantastic. I like.

One of the most popular beaches is Salinas (Las Salinas) near the old town. This is a paradise for alternative people who have picked up the ideas of the hippies. I like Salinas beach. Here are the most beautiful, beautiful, beautiful people. The people here have no complaints. Usually there is a hippie vibe here.

Ibiza hosts the best nightclubs. Some of them are located in England, but move to Ibiza in the summer. Among the most popular are «Krim» from Liverpool and the youth «Ministrimsoum».

It is the club capital of the world. If you are interested, then for 4 months Ibiza becomes the center of the world. There are Americans, Australians, — yes, everything. The 24/7 party atmosphere attracts the world's best DJs and musicians to the island. This is a dreamy island, because here you can do whatever you want. People here are more relaxed, everything is much more accessible. For many guests, the parties never end, others are looking for a more relaxed atmosphere.

It seems to me that there are two sides of the coin: the best of both worlds. And everything is intertwined on a small cute island.

Ibiza has always been famous for its salt valleys. There are many coniferous forests on the island. This attracted the first settlers here — the ancient Romans and Carthaginians. It seems to me that the island is good because there are not only clubs — places for parties, but also excellent restaurants. It is a calm place with beautiful beaches.

Salinas Beach is one of the busiest and most stylish on the island. Common people and celebrities come here to soak up the atmosphere. The nightclubs never close and the bars have dance music all day long. The beach is popular with artists. Here they are looking for sun worshipers for the role of nature. Some body art works are photographed and published in the best European fashion magazines.

The beaches are different: from noisy and lively to quiet and calm. After spending the day on the beach or in the bars and clubs of Ibiza, everyone heads to the sea to see the famous sunset.

On the west coast of the island there are several evening bars with great views for those who want to relax. Every evening, crowds of people gather to watch the sunset and wait for the night parties to start.

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