The Balearic Islands

Beaches, cliffs and coves

Pretty Ibizan villages

Minorcan monuments

This archipelago of Spain’s eastern Mediterranean coast has long been regarded as a holiday playground for Europe. However, as well as beaches, there is plenty of interest to discover.

Mallorca, the largest island, has impressive mountains and caves as well as a splendid Gothic cathedral in the capital, Palma.

Despite its reputation for a busy nightlife, Ibiza also has secluded coves, and quiet countryside dotted with pretty villlages.


The second-largest Balearic island off the coast of Spain, less known than its big sister Mallorca. With prehistoric monuments and a mysterious, Mediterranean culture.

Menorca boasts prehistoric monuments, handsome small towns and a spectacular horse-riding fiesta.

Coves d’Arta, Mallorca


Just a few miles from Ibiza, this is a tiny island with the simple beauty of the Mediterranean. Out of season, it is especially magical.

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