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Almudena Cid

Almudena Cid Tostado is one of very few veterans in Rhythmic Gymnastics, surrounded by new exponents to the world of this sport.

She manages to retain her individualistic style whilst keeping up with the demanding requirements of the current Code of Points. Almudena is a reference in the world of the rhythmic gymnastics and she is on the heart of many fans all over the world. She is also very admired in her country and many spanish girls had enter to RG thanks to her. She started to shine in 95 and after that she never left the top places. In her quest to make Olympic history by qualifying for her third Olympic final in Athens, this European Championships should set her well on her way.

Almudena Sid Tostado (born June 15, 1980, Vitoria, Spain) — Spanish athlete (represented rhythmic gymnastics in individual exercises). Participated in 4 Summer Olympics (1996, 2000, 2004 and 2008).

Spanish gymnast Almudena Cid is one of the most experienced athletes. At the age of 27, when many graces are already finishing their careers, she continues to perform at a rather high level. So, at the European Championships in Baku, she was able to get into the final in two forms, which she was very happy about by sharing this local success with

Are you satisfied with your performance?

I can improve my performance, but today I am pleased with the result.

What is your favorite subject?

I really like the hoop. At one time it was included in the international program, but now it has reappeared. And I am unspeakably glad that I can again perform with my favorite subject.

It is believed that at the European Championships gymnasts act with a reserve and protect their strength in front of the licensed championship. Do you agree with this opinion?

There is time to improve their condition. Moreover, I have not yet reached the peak of the form, and at the current championship it is still intermediate.

Do you feel yourself the most experienced athlete among the current participants, given your 27 years?

I do not consider myself a veteran and intends to continue the performance in the future. After all, it all depends on the capabilities of the organism, and I feel that I have not yet said my last word in sports.

How do you assess the chances of Azerbaijani gymnasts in this championship?

Of great importance is the factor of native walls and the support of fans. Naturally, in such an environment, it is pleasant for the gymnasts to perform. In addition, your athletes have significantly increased their skills and reached the leading positions in the international arena. Therefore, the Azerbaijani graces have good chances for medals.

Birthday: 06/15/1980

Age: 37 years

Place of birth: Vitoria, Spain

Spanish athlete, represents artistic gymnastics in individual exercises.

Almudena began practicing artistic gymnastics at the age of 6 years. Her mother initially wanted her daughter to devote herself to ballet, but, nevertheless, preference was given to gymnastics.

Almudena became a member of the Spanish National Team since November 1994. She became the first Spanish gymnast in history, actively competing in two Olympic finals, Atlanta and Sydney, and she is also the only “artist” who participated in the three Olympic Games — Atlanta 1996, Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004.

At various times she trained with several coaches, including Dali Kutkaite and Nina Vitrichenko (mother and coach Elena Vitrichenko).

Almudena lives in Barcelona. She has several model contracts (including with Nike).

Almudena Sid Tostado, perhaps the only one of the Western gymnasts who performed on equal terms with gymnasts from Eastern Europa.

She speaks Spanish, Basques and English.

In an interview, Almudena has repeatedly stated that she is not a Spanish gymnast, but a Baskaya.

In the name of Sid Tostado, one of the elements of rhythmic gymnastics in ball exercises is named.

Almudena was chosen more than once as a “Miss Tournament” or “Miss Elegance”.

Sports results

1995 World Championship, Vienna 5th place — team.

1996 World Championship, Budapest 4th place — jump rope; 6th place — the ball.

1996 Olympic Games, Atlanta 9th place — individual all-around.

1997 World Championship, Berlin 7th place — tape, team; 8th place — maces.

1998 World Championship, Sevilla 6th place — maces, hoop, ribbon, jump rope.

1999 World Championships, Osaka 5th place — team; 7th place — Gupp all-around, jump rope; 12th place — individual all-around.

2000 European Championship, Zaragoza 5th place — hoop; 8th place — individual all-around.

2000 Olympic Games, Sydney 9th place — individual all-around.

2001 World Gymnastics Games, Akita 4th place — ball, clubs, hoop, jump rope.

2001 World Championship, Madrid 4th place — hoop, team; 7th place — individual all-around.

2001 European Championship, Geneva 7th place — the ball; 8th place — maces.

2002 World Cup Final, Stuttgart 6th place — hoop.

2002 European Championship, Granada 7th place — ball, individual all-around; 8th place — hoop, jump rope.

2003 World Championship, Budapest 6th place — team; 8th place — maces; 13th place — individual all-around.

2003 European Championship, Reese 6th place — hoop, ribbon; 7th place — maces; 8th place — the ball.

2004 European Championship, Kiev 7th place — individual all-around.

2004 Olympic Games, Athens 8th place — individual all-around.

2005 European Championship, Moscow 6th place — team; 128th place — individual all-around.

2005 World Championship, Baku 8th place — maces; 11th place — individual all-around.

Almudena Cid Tostado

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