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Latin Women
Lucía Pérez - Que Me Quiten Lo Bailao
MusicLucía Pérez was born in 1985 in the beautiful village of O Incio, in the Celtic mountains of Galicia. She has been a music lover since her childhood, when she started taking part in - and winning - song contests.

When she was barely 17 she won her first TV contest and in 2003 she recorded her first album, which received the Galician "Gold Disc" Award. In the spring of 2005 she obtained the first prize in the "Galician Soloist Pop Album" awards. At the end of that same year she released her second album and travelled to Chile to represent Spain in the Viña del Mar Song Festival, where she came second.

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Boom turns to bust for adventurous architecture in Spain as slump bites
Real EstateArtist's impression of Zaha Hadid's building for the Campus of Justice complex in Madrid, where work is slowing down.

Spain's long-running love affair with cutting-edge architecture has come to a dramatic end as high-profile projects from the world's greatest architects fall foul of recession and a countrywide building bust.

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Spain's La Tomatina festival is the world's biggest and best food fight
EspañaRevelers pelt each other with tomato pulp during the annual La Tomatina festival in Bunol, Spain.

Did somebody say food fight?

The world-famous La Tomatina festival in Bunol, Spain, got underway Wednesday, and from the looks of it, things got delightfully messy as usual.

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Despite its economic problems, Spain has much to admire
TravelThanks in part to a healthy Mediterranean diet, Spaniards live longer and have lower obesity rates than Americans, an observable fact as here on a street in Madrid.

Spain is having a rough time these days. The jobless rate, 17.9 percent, is Europe's highest. Real estate agents are running foreclosure tours along the grossly overdeveloped Costa del Sol. ETA, the Basque separatist group, is back to its bombings.

But, hey, Spain is still a pretty swell country.

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BIFF kicks off the year with successful Fiesta Hispana fundraiser
FlamencoFounder and Executive Director of BIFF, Leslie Vanderpool gives welcome remarks and thanks all those that sponsor and support BIFF

The Bahamas Weekly News Team attended Fiesta Hispana on August 22nd at the Balmoral Club.  This event was a fundraiser to kick off the Bahamas International Film Festival (BIFF) 2009, which will be held in December from the 10th to the 17th in Nassau.

The venue was nothing short of "wow" at the The Balmoral Club, an eighteen-room, two story mansion with its spacious halls and elegant, floating, spiral staircase, and indoor or outdoor areas.

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