Terrain and climate make Spain's rivers are generally, low and irregular flow regime. In the Galician Cantabrian slope emphasize the Bidasoa, Urumea, Nervion, Assos, Pas, Asturias Deva, Sella, Nalón, Navia, Mandeo, Tambre, Ulla and, above all, the Minho, with its tributary Sil. On the Atlantic side are four of the five major rivers of Spain: the Duero, with its large tributaries Pisuerga, Esla and Tormes; the Tagus, with its tributaries Jarama, Albcrche. Tiétar and Alagón; Guadiana, thickened by the Záncara, Cigüela. Jabalón and Zújar; and the Guadalquivir River, with its tributaries Guadiana Menor. Jándula. Guadiato and Genil. The southern slopes receive small rivers: Odicl-Tinto, Guadalhorce. Guadalfeo and Guadiaro.

The slope is very irregular sudorícntal rivers; They include the Segura (with Sangonera and the World); Júcar. the Cabriel; Turia. Mijares, Palancia and, above all, the Ebro, the mightiest river in Spain. receiving many tributaries to the right highlight the Oja, Jalon and Guadalope, and left the Ega, Aragón, Gállego and Segre (with the Cinca). In the small Catalan side stand the Francoli, Ter and Llobregat. Spain has some steppe lakes, other glacial (Sanabria and Banyoles) and other coastal (lagoons of the Mar Menor, Valencia and Alcudia).

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